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iOS Travel App Case Study



Tiplr is a travel app that focuses on sharing authentic travel tips by and for fellow adventurous travelers. The app should be user friendly, straight forward, and image and content oriented. Tiplr aims to be a niche for travel bloggers, as well as those actively engaged in social media.

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Creativa focused on Tiplr’s brand identity and UX/UI design. Tiplr is about user generated content and Creativa believed that the application should not only look clean, but also be clear to the users. Creativa focused on assorting high quality images that could draw audiences. Enough blank margins were implemented to assure readability. The mobile safe font was also carefully picked out to illustrate Tiplr’s fun and exhilarating brand identity as a travel app.

Believing each and one of Tiplr’s tips to be noteworthy, we chose the content to be presented one after another by swiping right or left. This allows the users to focus on one post at a time, and easily access others. The design of Tiplr allows easy navigation with the primary functions easily accessible to users.

Packaging Case Study



Founded in 1860, Strega Alberti specializes in torrone, chocolate, baked goods, as well as liquor in its mother land of Benevento, Italy. As one of the oldest liquor companies in Italy, Strega Alberti flaunts its inheritance of tradition and quality. With its 150 years of professional history, the company has found the need for a fresh design concept that could be consistently applied to any of their products. They wanted the design to be modern but still in line with their brand identity.


After researching an array of modern packaging, we compared them with that of Strega Alberti. Strega Alberti wanted to keep the configuration of the package as it was, limiting the scope of design we could experiment with. We came up with a simple triangle pattern that was applicable with any platform and shapes of packaging. Colors of each package were carefully chosen from either the previous packages or by the colors associated with the ingredients and cultural background of the products.

Immensely satisfied with our approach, Strega also applied our design concept onto their retail stores.

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